Modern day Pavlov

I made a simple change in my life a few weeks ago that ended up being much more dramatic than expected.

For reasons extraordinarily practical – I wanted to keep my phone on at night when I was traveling without being woken up 30 times overnight with the ‘chrip’ of a new email – I turned off the email notification on my Dash. (I know – I could have created a new profile and programmed it to allow the phone to ring but I was in a hurry so I just modified my main profile.) A few days passed before I realized that I wasn’t constantly interrupting what I was doing at any given moment to check new emails as they came in – no longer a slave to the friendly ping of my phone happily announcing each new message as it arrived (like Pavlov’s dogs, I had lost my power to resist).

Brilliant. I’m much happier now.

  • Craig

    Excellent. Now you’ll have more time to make blogs for us to drool and salivate over!

  • Yes – when I turned off email notification 1.5 yrs ago it changed my life the for the better. Now i can check occasionally (still way too often :-).