The start-up office revisited

A little while back I wrote a post on how much I love start-up office space.  It’s messy, it’s small, it might not have a window and it might smell a little bit funny, but it’s the best office space you’ll ever have.  I received a bunch of emails, comments and pictures from people with whom the post resonated.

I really liked the following picture sent to me by Darrin Husmann who has a start-up company making intelligent irrigation systems with offices in both Oklahoma City and Baghdad ("Strange how war can bring two people from across the world together to work on sprinklers, eh?"). 

Here’s the note from Darrin that describes the pic:  Here is what the inside of a Baghdad startup office looks like. At this time the biggest issue is only having 2-3 hours of electricity per day and no kerosene to power the generator. (So Haider has to code really fast when the PC is working….).

 I love it!

  • Joe

    Someone needs the OLPC laptop with the hand crank charger. I hear the battery lasts 10 hrs. Too bad you have to buy them in lots of a million.

  • Andy

    But Joe they are talking about selling to the public them at Christmas. But think out of the box Joe, you could always have a conventional laptop and a mule rigged up to a dynamo.