Jan 23 2008

Apply early, apply often

TechStars applications for this summer are officially open and I’d encourage any budding entrepreneur with a half-baked (or quarter baked – or fully baked) idea they are passionate about to apply. 

For those of you who are not familiar with TechStars, it’s a program started by successful Boulder entrepreneur David Cohen that brings about a dozen promising start-up teams to Boulder for an intensive summer of work on their start-up business idea.  You can read more about what the teams last year worked on (and some of the machinations they went through to get there) on both David’s blog and the TechStars web site

I was a huge fan of TechStars last year and worked closely with a handful of the teams (most notably Filtrbox, for whom I was the "lead mentor").  For entrepreneurs looking to get their feet off the ground, there’s no better experience and no better way to quickly get access to everything the Boulder entrepreneurial ecosystem has to offer.  For a more detailed perspective from one of last year’s participants, check out what Tom Chikoree has to say about the experience in his blog on the topic.

If you’re interested there’s more information about the program specifics and detail on how to apply on the TechStars web site (details and application info).

Without question TechStars is a huge commitment, but one that brings its participants a lasting experience that they will continue to benefit from for many years.  Apply!