How do you make money on the Internet?

My partner Brad Feld was interviewed yesterday on NPR’s Talk of the Nation on the topic of how companies make money online. You can listen to the broadcast here.  The key take-away ultimately is that is you aggregate enough traffic you have a handful of options for turning those eyeballs into cash (probably worth of a full post about the pros and cons of these various models, but no time today to get that down on paper). 

Brad did a great job and I’m psyched that I now know someone who’s been on TOTN!

  • Aziz Grieser

    I love TOTN, and Brad just ticked off one of my life goals.

    • test


  • Fremium is an interesting concept — One thing that people fail to grasp is that as a paying customer of a website, people's expectations of service exponentially change. The flexibility of service is balanced by the user's feeling that it's ok because it's free. Even if you are charging $1.99/month, your users and now 'customers' and you're going to see costs (time/resource/effort) to support help requests, etc.

    I know with my site,, we've gone back and forth with this issue for the last 2 years. Now it's interesting as we're nearing 0.5M users we're starting to see the black just with 3rd party sponsorships, etc. so we've put 'fre-mium' on the shelf for now…

    • sethlevine

      definitely true, kevin. users are generally willing to put up with a certain amount of friction when they aren't paying. as soon as they do, their expectation completely changes….

  • Leo F. Swiontek

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  • The Internet has many possibilities. And the one who knows about them, earns with it.

  • Anonymous

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