Apr 3 2008

Have funds, will travel

My partner Chris just put up a post on the Foundry blog about our geographic (actually non-geographic) approach to investing

We’ve talked in past posts about how we organize our thinking about potential investments into "themes" that we use to guide our focus.  One of the important precepts of taking a thematic approach to investing is that we don’t create artificial boundaries that limit where we’ll follow an investment theme – we let the theme guide us to the best companies that we can find, regardless of where they are located.  In the past this has taken us to Chicago, New York, the Bay Area, Orange County and many points in between.  It does mean that there’s more time spent on the road, but we think it also allows us to seek out the most promising companies.

As an aside, its only fitting that I’m writing this from a hotel room on the west coast. . .