Archives / March, 2008

The bird is cold

Yahoo launched a private version of what they are calling FireEagle – a service that allows you to track your location to be shared with applications that build to the FireEagle API – its basically a location “broker” (for self reported location).  I’m a big fan of location based services (we’re investors of IP geo-information…

Finding your technical founder

I hear a version of this question a lot (like the one below today from Dawn): I talked to a firm that really likes my business plan but thinks I should have a technical co-founder. SIGH Any ideas how I could find a really good tech guy, preferably with some cache??? While not every business…

Taking a break once in a while

If you’ve at all been trying to unplug once in a while – as I have been to mixed success,  you’ll enjoy this article from last Sunday’s NY Times.