Mar 22 2010

Have you registered for Glue yet?

I can’t help myself at this time of year but to remind you that you probably haven’t registered for Glue yet and that you need to get on it. Glue is one of three conferences that Foundry helps facilitate with Eric Norlin (the others are Defrag and Blur, the latter of which is still in development but coming this summer). Glue is an in depth discussion about the web as a platform and the future in a world where most (all?) apps live in the cloud (either public or private). Once again, Eric has put together a fantastic agenda (you can see the full list of topics here). This year’s speakers include:

  • Michael Barrett, CISO, PayPal
  • Professor Eric Brewer, creator of the CAP Theorem
  • Chris Hoff, Dir. of Cloud Solutions, Cisco
  • Ryan Sarver, Dir. of Platform, Twitter
  • Jonathan Ellis, Lead on the Cassandra project

In addition, you’ll hear about:

  • The Cassandra Database: Inside Twitter’s Choice
  • What’s up with OAuth/WRAP?
  • 5 Things I Hate about your API Terms of Service
  • The Apache Cloud Stack (Hadoop, HBase, Zookeeper, etc)
  • App PaaS vs. Enhanced Cloud System Infrastructure
  • Inside MongoDB: the internals of a NoSQL database
  • Understanding User-managed Access

Glue runs May 26th and 27th and is being held this year at the Omni Interlocken (in Broomfield, CO).  If you register now you still qualify for the early bird rate of $525 (regular price is $695). In addition, this year Glue is sponsoring CloudCamp the day before the conference. CloudCamp is free, but space is limited (you can sign up here).

Note to CO readers: We’re really pushing hard this year for greater local attendance. We’ve chosen to run all of our conferences here in Colorado in an effort to push the region as a leader in innovative thinking around emerging technology trends. This is a great opportunity to participate in a national conversation about key themes in technology right here in your back yard. Show up and represent!