You can be much more productive. Here’s how.

I wrote a post a few days ago about 2 productivity hacks that I’ve been using that have transformed my work life. I got a great response to that post with a number of people asking me what other tools I’ve found that help make my world more productive. Micah, who works with me at Foundry, put together a list of the tools we’ve been using (or at least experimented with) that I wanted to share. Let me know if you have ones of your own you think I should add to the list.

  • TextExpander – store frequently types phrases/notes across all devices
  • Wunderlist– To Do list on all your devices – supports team collaboration
  • Trello – collaborative task list for Teams, works well with Agile/Lean methodologies
  • Asana – To-do list that allows for super granular level of detail for todo lists and team collaboration
  • Voxer – Walkie talkie/messaging app for instant communication with your closest contacts you want to be more responsive to than email
  • Zapier OR IFTTT – connect the tools you use to each other based on triggers/recipes and actions (Ex. Save pocket starred items to Evernote folder)
  • Copyclip or Paste – Keep all of your copied/clipboard items in one place so you don’t lose anything
  • Charlie App or Accompany* – Easily get a briefing on who you are meeting
  • FullContact – a unified address book across accounts, devices and organizations (now supports teams)
  • Notability App – Take notes on your ipad and have them sent and OCR to Evernote
  • Yoink – Simplify Drag and Drop by using Yoink to move files around your fullscreen apps
  • Call please – web/app call list of people to connect with (helps avoid scheduling set times for meetings that don’t need to be scheduled..)
  • LastPass or dashlane – Never forget a password or deal with login troubles again!
  • F.lux – save your eyes from the eerie blue glow of screens (especially at night)
  • Toggl – A simple online timer with a powerful timesheet calculator (see RescueTime to block notifications/programs for work blocks)
  • Magnet or spectacle – Mac app to move and resize windows with ease (built into windows)
  • Headspace – Although it seems counter-intuitive to use a smart device for meditating, this app will help put you in the right frame of mind
  • Blinkist – Book summaries, 1,500+ best-selling nonfiction books, transformed into powerful shorts you can read or listen to in 15 minutes
  • Goodreads – Lets users track and rate books and network with other readers
  • Pocket – Allows you to easily save webpages for later reading (syncs across devices as well, which is a real bonus)

Chrome/Gmail Extension:

  • Full contact or rapporative to see public info on people
  • MatterMark – Get info on companies (web & mobile app too)
  • Grammarly – Writing-enhancement tool with proofreading capabilities to check for a writer’s adherence to more than 250 grammar rules


  • Streak  – Spreadsheet in your inbox, mail merge, email Templates, snooze mail, send later, team collaboration and more.
  • MixMax – Awesome for scheduling meetings by sending a live table, avoid the back and forth and double bookings! Also does templates, mail merge and tracks opens, clicks and downloads
  • SalesForceIQ – Sales focused CRM


  • Conspire (recently acquired by FullContact) – see how you are connected to the people you want to reach through your network
  • Internet Archive Wayback Machine – See what websites used to look like at a specific point in time
  • Power Googling Infograph – Sample search queries to tap into the power of Google Search

Specific Startup tools

  • for pitch feedback
  • Docusign OR HelloSign – stop sending PDF’s to sign – streamline the whole process and know when docs are opened, signed, etc.
  • Docsend – track, control, send, and present sales materials with real-time document analytics.

Assistant Services

  • or calendly – scheduling made easy, great for sales people, demos or office hours
  • Clara ($$)- AI for scheduling (I use Clara for scheduling the majority of my meetings)
  • Magic ($) -For simple tasks (schedule oil change, pick up flowers, order food, etc.)
  • Pana ($) – Personal travel concierge, book flights by msging Pana where you want to go and when

$ – costs money

* – beta

  • Arina Katrycheva

    Thank you for sharing! I would also like to add to your list actiTIME timesheet ( It’s free for small teams.

  • Victor Iryniuk

    This is an awesome list! If you like Streak, I’d also suggest adding NetHunt CRM ( They are quite similar, but NetHunt would be more flexible in its structure and pricing is not that steep with the similar set of features. Give it a try!

  • Great article! MoneyPenny is another great tool to help boost productivity. MoneyPenny helps small businesses and teams become more organized. That’s why, the minute you and your team will login, you start saving time with painless tools, such as: live task monitoring, auto payment reminders, recurring invoices, slick layouts and friendly dashboards, detailed time reports, instant phone notifications about projects & staff activity, tap and go timers, auto synced time logging and billing.

  • RobMcGio

    You should add Bitrix24 to the list. Even though it’s free, it’s like having Salesforce + Asana + Slack + Dropbox + Google calendars in one place. Awesome for team productivity.

  • Boston Mike

    If you liked Streak, you’ll love Bitrix24. It’s free and so much better. Best free CRM ever.