May 18 2020

An Update on The Colorado Talent Network

We launched the Colorado Talent Network on March 26 in direct response to Coloradans losing their jobs due to COVID-19 layoffs. To date, over 650 people have signed up and created a profile to gain more visibility with companies hiring. Since the launch, we’ve added the ability for employers to add open positions and job seekers to browse the 35+ companies actively hiring. We also decided to open this up beyond just the startup community adding professional backgrounds such as: Banking, CleanTech/Energy, Credit Unions, Education, Entertainment, Hospitality, Restaurant, Retail, and Other for those not captured.
While we don’t have the systems to track everyone on the list, we do know that many have found employment (note that we do track as we ask every 45 days whether they’d like to keep their listing live) and know that a number have been found jobs through their participation in the Network, which is fantastic.
For those that are frequent readers, you know I love diving into data. I tweeted a screenshot of the backgrounds of people in the group last month (when we had ~300 people) but wanted to reflect on some stats about the make-up of folks in the Talent Network now that we’ve hit a critical mass.
Backgrounds of people in the Talent Network:
The backgrounds are fairly well spread out between job functions. This is not particularly surprising as we know companies have had to make reductions across their entire teams.
Experience level of people in the Talent Network:
80% of people in the network are entry level to middle level managers. Only 20% were at the director or executive level.
Where people are looking to work:
No surprise that ~60% of selected Boulder/Denver as their ideal work location. ~25% are open to working remotely (no surprise there). I would like to highlight the ~17% that are looking for jobs outside Boulder/Denver metro area. These locations are: Central CO I-70 Corridor, Colorado Springs, Eastern CO, Ft. Collins, Southern CO, Western Slope and a few others.
This is the same ideal work location data shown another way:
If you’re a company hiring, check out the Colorado Talent Network Database for a list of candidates and please fill out this form to add a specific job posting or career page.
If you are a job seeker looking for your next role, you can add yourself to the talent list here.
You can learn more about the Colorado Talent Network here.