Aug 16 2022

Techstars Foundation and EforAll

EforAll is a community organization that helps under-represented individuals successfully start and grow their businesses through business training, mentorship, and an extensive support network. If you’ve read my book, The New Builders, you likely know quite a bit about them (and my fondness for what they’re doing). Our systems to support diverse entrepreneurs are lagging, which is why EforAll plays such a critical role in helping foster the next generation of entrepreneurs in our community – taking both a broad view of entrepreneurship and long view for creating impact. They’ve worked with hundreds of companies across the US and continue to expand their reach and the markets in which they are working. I’m both grateful for the work they do and heartened by the stories of their program participants. It’s truly inspiring.

A few weeks ago, the Techstars Foundation announced that EforAll Longmont is joining its Accelerate Equity program, which will give it access to important resources and capital from Techstars. Entry into the Accelerate Equity program is a highly competitive process and it speaks to the quality of the EforAll team and the work that they’re doing on the ground to impact entrepreneurs. I’m thrilled to see this validation of EforAll’s work and am excited about the successful businesses that will result from such a natural partnership. Importantly, this means that the Techstars Foundation will match 20% of donations made to EforAll Longmont through September 30th, up to $20,000.¬†Additionally, my wife and I have decided to match the Techstars Foundation grant, which together will unlock $40,000 for EforAll. If you’re interested in donating to this important endeavor, check out the announcement and donation page.¬† This is a wonderful opportunity to support a worthy local organization and to do so in a way that will multiply the effect of your donation. I hope you will check it out and consider this opportunity for impact. I hope you’ll consider supporting them.