Foundry Group Joins the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado

Foundry is pleased to announce that we’ve joined the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado.  EFFCO was created to encourage philanthropy from entrepreneurial companies in Colorado (there are chapters in many other major markets across the country).  By encouraging companies to donate a small percentage of their stock (in the form of a warrant that is only exercisable when the company is sold or goes public) EFFCO is both raising funds for local non-profits as well as encouraging companies to foster a culture of philanthropy early on in the life of their company.  We’re strong supporters of the mission of EFFCO (in fact Brad was among the founding members of the CO chapter) and are happy to announce that we’ve donated 1%…

My first music post

Excuse the shameless pitch but I feel compelled to tell you about the new Soul Patch album, Sooner or Later.  Soul Patch is a band that includes my partners Ryan and Jason.  Sooner or Later is the band’s aptly named second album (aptly named because it was 6 years in the making).  The band’s music is a mix of classic rock, a bit of funk and soul spiced with great rhythm and outstanding musicality.  I really like their style and this new album is fantastic.  Here are a few links to check out to meet the band, sample the music and buy the album: Soul Patch Web Page, Facebook page and schwag Sooner or Later Album Page Buy the album…

Know your audience

I don’t know what it is about the last few weeks – maybe the change of season; maybe something in the water – but I’ve been absolutely amazed at how often people have showed a complete lack of comprehension for who was in the room with them.  This may sound more calculating than I intend it to, but I think its a good practice to always consider who you’re talking to before you start in on a conversation.  This is especially true when you’re negotiating for something, making a request or otherwise trying to drive to a specific outcome.  I’ve witnessed several pretty amazing examples of a complete lack of thoughtfulness around this notion of late.  From making idle (and…

Sharing practical experience

My partner Ryan related amusing story about leaving his brand new MacBook Air on a recent flight. I had a similar experience myself last week, which unfortunately didn’t end up quite as happily (although fortunately didn’t involve a $3,000 piece of technology). I left the office for a meeting on Friday afternoon with my hands full: I had my computer bag in one hand and was carrying my jacket and a garment bag in the other. In addition I was on my phone as I dragged all of this down to the parking garage. I managed to get everything in the car without disrupting (or dropping) my call and drove off. After a few blocks, I noticed that my phone…

Taking a break once in a while

If you’ve at all been trying to unplug once in a while – as I have been to mixed success,  you’ll enjoy this article from last Sunday’s NY Times.

Love revisited

I don’t write much about my kids on this blog – a little too personal and ultimately my wife and I think they should decide what and when they want to share online.  I couldn’t resist this one, however. A few years ago I wrote about my own overwhelming feelings of love for my kids.  Its great when they can return the sentiment!  Below is a note from my 4 year old daughter.  My wife helped her with the spelling, but she drew all the letters and picked the words herself.

Back in the saddle

At Mobius/Foundry we take the week between Christmas and New Year off from work. Combined with a few days before, Christmas this makes for a pretty nice break from the office. Historically I average about 50% for being able to actually take meaningful time away from work over this time period (there have been a handful of years where an end of the year deal has made this impossible). This was one of the good years. I forget sometimes how nice it is not only to take time off but how great it is to stick around every once in a while during a holiday. Especially in a place like Colorado, there just a lot to do close to home….

The most inspirational songs of the 80’s

For a fun diversion take a look at‘s list of “The 10 Most Terrifyingly Inspirational 80’s Songs“. Don’t know that Danger Zone or You’re the Best (Joe Esposito?!?) would be on my personal list. And how can you possibly leave out Foreigner’s I Want To Know What Love Is (which, in a true highlight of my life, I was able to see performed live by Foreigner about 5 feet from the stage at a conference I was attending)? For that matter, how can Wanted (Dead or Alive)] not be at the top of the list – it blows the rest of the group away without a doubt! Of course there will be disagreements about this sort of thing (why…


i wouldn’t recommend doing this to your wheel. the fall (over my handlebars and very fast, but off the trail and at least not on top of any rocks) was not nearly as painful as the walk to the car (about 4 miles and with my bike on my back – at least it was my hardtail which only weighs about 17 pounds). so much for the HuGi (guess i’m in the market for a new wheel) …